What Would Happen if You Didn’t Sleep for One Week?

What would happen if you didn’t sleep for a week, hey there and welcome back to another article about sleep although in this one we are talking about the opposite of getting better sleep, have you ever wondered what life would be like if You didn’t sleep for a whole week.

Imagine all the things you’d. Be able to get done. If you didn’t need those eight hours of beauty sleep every night. Would you be able to open up a new mental awareness dimension in your mind? Would you go crazy or die? We are going to answer those questions today.

[ Music ], it’s new year’s and you & # 39. Ve stayed up past midnight to celebrate. Maybe you’re even approaching the 24 hour mark at 24 hours without sleep. Your mind begins to cognitively operate at the same level as a brain under the influence of point 10 percent blood alcohol level.

If you was in the car, they lock your butt up real quick. This can make you more emotional, lack attention, worse judgment, worse hearing ability, decline in decision making and a reduction of your hand-eye coordination, making you more likely to cause a car accident y & # 39, all see what i did back there in the movies they caught.

That foreshadowing in 1965, apparently a 17-year-old high school student, did a world record science, fair experiment where he and other people stayed awake for 8 to 11 days. None of them suffered any long-term mental or physical side effects.

They also didn’t. Have any hallucinations which some people report after no sleep for 36 hours, they did have a decline of concentration, motivation, perception and ability to have conversations. However, after two days of recovery, they felt back to normal after going 264 hours without sleep.

It seems that this historical, high school experiment disproves a lot of modern theories about what happens to the mind and body with sleep deprivation. It seems that, as long as you’re, not in a dangerous situation or operating dangerous equipment, lack of sleep cannot cause death.

There are a couple of disorders which cause people not to sleep. Morven’s, fibulary chorea or morven syndrome is one of those it can cause agrypnia or severe loss of sleep. It also has some other unpleasant side effects, but it can cause you to basically not sleep for several months.

However, every day you can experience a 20 to 60 minute painful hallucinogenic experience, yeah man and like not in a good way. Another disorder, which is more common, is in bipolar disorder. When people feel manic or full of energy, they can sometimes not sleep for four days.

Although there are cases of people getting along fine without sleep, the majority of scientific research shows that you should get your daily dose of sleep for healthy brain and body function, so make sure to watch our other videos and learn how to have a better night’s, sleep all right, all right, those sleepers! What’s? The longest amount of time you’ve ever stayed away.