September 23, 2020

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Tips for Growing Tech Managers

Tips for Growing Tech Managers

So, .Discuss here Tips for Growing Tech Managers. From Robert M. Fulmer and Byron Hanson, both of Duke Corporate Education, an affiliate of the Fugua School of Business at Duke University. According to the article, some reasons inherent to technology companies failing to develop effective leaders include the speed of growth of the industry along with the talent it attracts, e.g. young technicians with experience in science and engineering. Despite the obstacles, the smart technology company can create effective management teams. The following is a summary of the authors’ advice augmented by my own:

1. Formalize management development processes:

If a technology company is in startup mode, it may be premature to establish a structured training process to develop managers. And yet there inevitably comes a difficult time to recognize when formal leadership development needs to be installed. The authors of the article urge companies to closely monitor the impending need for structure in this area. The risk of missing the magic moment, according to Fuller and Hanson, is that employee retention is affected in the absence of qualified management.

2) What is measured is done:

The writers point out that the technological population enjoys the data, so use it to obtain the desired results. Measure management activities as a way to convey the importance of this aspect of the technology manager’s job. Examples provided by Fulmer and Hanson include gathering information such as how many performance evaluations a manager has completed and adding a management category to the manager’s performance review. That always attracts attention!

I also like the approach of measuring behavior change after training. If a company trains managers to provide periodic feedback to their direct reports on their performance,

3) Value leadership and mentoring: It is not surprising that technology experts tend to find satisfaction in the technical aspects of their work. Once promoted, moving away from technical activities and focusing on management activities like planning, directing, and training are not as rewarding. Therefore, technology companies must take special care to reinforce and reward management and mentoring behaviors as much as they highlight technical talents and achievements.

As we know from extensive rewards research, rewards need to be tailored per person. Mary may love standing ovation at a staff meeting, while John may shrink before the attention of the public and prefer the sincere compliments of her boss. Regardless of approach, the commitment to recognize and reward management and mentoring starts at the top and must permeate all levels of the organization.

4) Pair training methods with technicians –

This does not mean conducting online training exclusively for the technical manager. It means doing it fast, varied and relevant, including best practices from experienced managers. Competition and real-world problems keep students engaged in training. Tips for Growing Tech Managers

5) Select with management in mind:

One element that was not mentione in the article is the role. That initial talent assessment plays in management development. One of my most successful technology clients makes her job of developing technology managers easier from the start; Beyond meeting the technical criteria for a position. Everyone in the company is evaluated for interpersonal communication skills. If a candidate can only talk about technology, it goes no further in the interview process. It sounds simple and yet most tech companies don’t make this a key hiring criteria. If this sounds like your business and you want to make a change, consider the following steps:

Examine your job descriptions. Repeat grades to include excellent interpersonal communication skills.
If your current managers are technologically strong and communication skills weak, they may be hiring people like them, further limiting the pool of talents in your organization.  Tips for Growing Tech Managers