July 14, 2020

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The Cell Phone Addict- America's Number 1 Problem

The Cell Phone Addict- America's Number 1 Problem

The Cell Phone Addict- America’s Number 1 Problem

Discuss here The Cell Phone Addict- America’s Number 1 Problem. Perhaps several decades into the future, something will be written about this time period indicating that cell phones were the beginning of the Great Society Revolution. It probably all started a few years ago when Ross Perot ran for president and many of our American compatriots felt that he could actually be a good president. Cell phones were the cause of this.

You see, I think the people who voted for Ross Perot were also big cell phone users. They would hold the phone close to the right ear near the part of the brain responsible for rational thinking, destroying some brain cells involved in the process. This left these people helpless and hopeless without rationality. With this in mind, I can declare cell phones as the number 1 problem in our society and it has become America’s number 1 addiction problem. What happened to us? Cell phones are now separate from our lives and many of us cannot live without it. We are addicted to cell phones. If you’ve ever lost your cell phone, you know what I mean. You’re lost. However, the phone is fine.

Cell phones: a social disease

I was in a restaurant last week and a cell phone started ringing. Suddenly, like timed robots, everyone’s hands went to their purse, pocket, or belt and immediately picked up their cell phone to answer the call. Others panicked when they discovered that the number one communication device might be missing. Even more remarkable, most decided to answer their phone anyway even though it wasn’t ringing. It was like a bad lottery, where only one person won the prize. Most were disappointed to discover that the call was not theirs. One person received the call and everyone in the restaurant applauded. The Cell Phone Addict- America’s Number 1 Problem

Cell phones have different tones. Some cell phones allow the user to choose between 150 different opera sonatas written by the great composers of our time, such as Beethoven or Bach. Ask those users to name one of them. They can’t. In fact, when they select one of these classic pieces as the ‘Ring’ sound, it’s always something they hear in one of the Bugs Bunny cartoons. Maybe that classic “Conejo de Sevilla”.

Some are even practicing for the “Name that tune” game show. You know, that’s where the contestants say they can name a melody at 6 notes and play all six notes. If the contestant guesses the name of the tune, we have a winner! So there you have it, flipping through the 150 songs, never listening to the entire song. It’s like listening to a band tune up. With so many songs to choose from, why do most people end up having the same song? That is why everyone answers the phone at the same time when they are in a restaurant. Well not exactly. Some answer their phone because they forgot which one they used as a call sound. So they pick up their phone just to be safe.

The Cell Phone Addict

Some cell phones come equipped with games. People actually play them … by themselves. There is nothing spectacular about them, as they are reinvented ‘Pong’ games from the late 70s and early 80s. That’s where all those Atari programmers went! What is ridiculous is that while playing these silly games, your battery is running low. Then when you finally won the game Guess the level 6 3-letter words, your cell phone rings. She responds and when the person on the other line tells her that she has won a trip for two to Tahiti and $100,000, The phone turns off. Well, at least you got to level 6 in the game Guess the 3-Letter Word. The Cell Phone Addict- America’s Number 1 Problem

A friend of mine has a cordless phone and is in the junk business. Wherever you go, take this cell phone and keep it on. Who will call you at 11:45 p.m. Saturday night? A guy with a dozen aluminum cans to melt? I could understand if he was a brain surgeon or maybe a doctor on call, but a junk dealer? He keeps his cell phone on because he’s a cell phone addict like you and me.

Cell phone addicts are rude

It is surprising to see how rude people are when it comes to cell phones. I remember the days when you ran into someone, and he picked up a regular phone and said to his secretary, “Wait for all my calls. I’m in a meeting.” He was only polite.