September 23, 2020

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The Art That Is Digital Compositing

The Art That Is Digital Compositing

We discuss here The Art That Is Digital Compositing. The art or process by which multiple images assemble with the help of digital processes to make a final image. Particularly for on-screen display, printing, and film, know as digital compositing. Many times we see various surreal images or effects on television, such as an actor who moves against a background that cannot be real or who performs contortions of the body that would otherwise be impossible to do; in most cases these are real actors acting in environments that are far from real. And the technique used to accomplish this is known as blue screening.

Using the blue projection technique. The actors perform all their scenes and stunts against a very solid background that is light green or blue. Rather than a movie set that is Regularly and during these scenes. They are assiste with visual cues that help them maintain their actions as well as correct locations. The Art That Is Digital Compositing

 Digital Compositing

Digital compositing is a technique  that requires a certain level of skill to achieve. The bright blue or green background must strategically place. Behind the actor to create a bright field around her. Thus creating clean outlines and these outlines use capture all the actor’s body movements. These shots are take to the editing room where the blue or green background is edit. Through the use of a transparency filter. The transparency filter works in such a way that anything in the shades. Of blue or green in that becomes invisible and therefore the editor is left with only a photo of the actor. The Art That Is Digital Compositing

Skill in digital composition requires being able to strategically position. The actor in a frame in such. A way that it appears that he or she was actually shot using that particular frame. It may sound easy, but it’s one of the toughest jobs when it comes to making movies. Several Hollywood production companies are looking to hire seasoned professionals. Who know the field of digital compositing and can take very difficult photos with relative ease.

Today, this technique has carved out a niche for itself and has become an absolute necessity in most movies being made.