The 400-Year-Old Shark – Greenland Sharks

The fourth-largest fish in the sea and the oldest vertebrate known to humanity they generally live up to around 200 years old swim at the depths of the ocean, were once considered demigods and are nearly always completely blind.

It’s. The Greenland shark, today on Shark Week we’re. Looking at the shark hood, the Greenland shark once thought to be a primarily Polish shark. It has since been spotted as far south as Portugal. In addition to Scotland’s and Canada, in fact, many scientists say that it probably lives some more places too, except we haven’t found them.

They’re, very rare. The people native to Greenland used to believe they were demigods hosts in great celebrations if they call one, which was an extremely rare occurrence, considering they practically live off fishing.

That’s, saying something. Green and sharks live very deep in the ocean so difficult to find, but they do come up when it’s cold enough. They & # 39, ve, never been observed, feeding, but the carcasses.

These animals have been found and their prey could be observed. It turns out that they feed on mostly fish but have also found to eat seals, Green and sharks from incredibly slowly. Normally, it’s about a half a mile, an hour, but do speed up to around one and a half mile an hour.

So how they catch seals is a complete mystery, but it has been theorized that they ambush them when they’re sleeping seals, aren’t the most interesting things to be found in a Greenland shark either they are known scavengers having fed On the carcasses of drowned, polar bears and even a whole reindeer, curiously, nearly all green and sharks are completely blind.

This is because of a tiny, parasitic copepod. This small white worm, like creature, feeds exclusively on Greenland sharks, latching itself onto the tail of the shark and slowly climbing its way to the head, where it clings on and slowly feeds on the tissue of the shark’s.

Eye leaving its vision in darkness, of course, this relationship is survived because the green shark has an incredible sense of smell. They don’t need to see. This is probably how it’s, able to find food in such a sparsely populated area.

But what’s? Probably the most fascinating thing about these creatures is how long they live. They tend to live to around 200 years old, probably reaching sexual maturity. At 150, a rumor escaped in 2017 that scientists had found a five hundred and twelve year old Greenland shark, but this wasn’t true, however, a Greenland shark that lived to be most likely 392 years, making it the longest living vertebrate ever in 2017.

Geneticists tried to find out why the Greenland shark can live for so long and did end up finding a specific gene on it. What this gene does exactly is still a bit of a mystery, but Greenland sharks, don’t, tend to end up being killed from diseases that can kill related species.

Far far earlier, the Greenland shark is a truly remarkable creature and has survived the terrors of commercial fishing thanks to where it lives. A very small amount is known about these sharks, as we don’t even know where or how they mate.

This majestic being is elusive even to us, but remember, however, dose side it may seem, as many other creatures have found out it’s still a deadly shark.



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