Signs He Wants You To Kiss Him | Dating Advice for Women

Remember back to an amazing first kiss that you had perhaps with someone that you absolutely loved and what it felt like. Remember the sensations that flooded your body, the tingles that you had just how amazing that first kiss was – and maybe you’ve, had a first kiss that didn’t quite go so well.

Maybe you like bonked teeth or you bonked foreheads. It was like that awkward moment. I know i’ve had those moments and the difference between those often is whether or not you know that kiss is going to happen and it can be.

If you’re, not sure if the kiss is going to happen, you both go in. It can be that awkward moment. So today i’m going to share with you eight signs that the man you’re with wants to kiss you so that you can be prepared to help co-create an amazing outstanding lifelong first kiss check it out.

The first sign is he stalls when he’s, leaving so let’s say the two of you go on a date and you’re about ready to leave and he’s stalling. He’s, kind of playing with his keys or he’s run out of things to say, and there are these long silent pauses, but he’s, not making a move.

Yet in that moment he’s. Building up the courage to lean in and kiss you and trying to decide how he wants to do it so that long kind of awkward pause or him stalling when he’s, leaving is a sign that he wants to kiss you number two.

Is he forgets what he’s talking about, while he’s? Looking at you, you see men, we have different compartments in our brain. It’s like an apartment, complex and when we’re in our conversation apartment, we’re having a nice fluid conversation with you, but if he leaves that conversation apartment to go over and he’s.

Looking at you noticing how beautiful you are, and he starts planning in his mind, how am i gonna kiss her? How can i make this move? When is that? Okay and he starts thinking about that – he ain’t hearing whatever is going on in the conversation department, so you could be telling him a story and then you’ll, say yeah.

So what do you think about that? And he’d, be like um, i’m. Sorry. Can you say that again he’s not being rude. He’s planning out. How is he gonna kiss you? What is his next move with? You number three: is he’ll, lean in to tell you a secret when a man leans in to tell you a secret? He’s testing, whether or not you are comfortable getting close with him, and so he’ll use a moment where you’re out and about it’s, a noisy situation to lean in and tell you a secret. He’ll brush his lips against your ear and he’s wanting to create a sensual moment with you and stoke the attraction with you, so he can create a kiss with you later and he’s.

Reading how you respond to him in that moment and a woman who likes him back what’s really great is he creates a central moment with you and he whispers in your ear, for you to know how to respond to that and something that You can say to him is great and so to serve you with that.

I think you’re, going to love those phrases and number four. He will look at your lips when he’s. Talking with you. There’s, an old phrase that says where our attention goes, energy flows, but the reverse is also true.

Where energy flows, our attention goes, and so he’s got energy flowing for that kiss in you. His attention is gonna go there, so he’ll, look at your eyes and then he’ll, look at your lips and he’ll. Look at your eyes and he’ll.

Look at your lips. He might even do something called the triangle gaze where he’ll, look at your eye, your other eye and then down to your lips and then back to one eye, the other eye and then down to your lips, and it creates this triangle.

Gaze happening that’s, a good sign that this man wants to kiss you number five. If you notice him licking his lips or biting his lip, it’s, a good sign. He wants to kiss you subconsciously as humans. We will touch the part of ourselves that we want to be touched.

So if he’s licking his lips or is biting his lips, he’s, also preparing himself for that. Kiss number six is notice. If he takes initiative to move your hair out of your face and like put your hair behind your ear, that’s, actually a very sensual move.

It’s, an intimate move, and so, if he does that he’s. Wanting to get closer to you and that kind of move where you move the hair out of the face and behind the ear that move, isn’t something men do with friends that’s, something that men reserve for someone that they’re interested in and number seven is he’ll, get shy or awkward around you and here’s.

Why? If you haven’t kissed, yet the kiss barrier is a big deal, because that’s. The moment when the two of you have gone from yeah we are, might be interested in each other too. Yes, we’re. Definitely interested in each other.

It’s. That first moment when you’re really crossing that sexual barrier, because the kiss is that first sexual barrier that most people will cross now. So he’s, nervous about whether or not it’s going to work whether he’s got the right plan.

How comfortable you feel about it, and so he’s in his head, trying to figure this out, and that creates this kind of awkward or shy moment and so know that if he’s being awkward. Take that as a compliment take that is he likes you take that as he’s, trying to figure out hm.

Can I kiss this woman – and this leads me right to number eight, which is a bit of a controversial one. You may like this. You may not like it but remember is he will ask you if he can kiss you he’ll ask you for permission now. I know a lot of women who will say I don’t want a man to ask me if he can kiss me it kills the mood it deflates. The moment. I want a man who knows what he wants. I want a man who will seize the moment and go in for that kiss and let me tell you that in today’s world.

Some men will do that, but other men, because we see what’s going on, because we see how important consent is. In this moment, a man who respects you, a man who honors you and a man who appreciates and likes you that man is going to ask you for permission.

Sometimes, on that first kiss he doesn’t know if you’re open to that, he’s, going to ask for permission, so you actually have the power in your hands to take that mood and deflate it and crush It by kiss shaming him for asking saying i can’t believe you asked me that, or you have the power to actually create an even hotter moment with him by how you respond to him.

In that moment, it’s. All in your mindset and it’s all in how you handle your response. So if a man asks you, if he can kiss you, all you have to do is simply respond with. I’d like that and then let him lean in for that soft sweet, amazing kiss and you’ve, just taken a moment that some women will destroy and turned it into a very hot first moment and an epic first kiss.