Ocean Sunfish – Animal of the Week

Welcome back to Anam of the week this week’s. Animal is by far one of the strangest looking animals in the world with its flat body, protruding fins and stump behind. This is, of course, the ocean sunfish ocean sunfish, unsurprisingly, live in the ocean.

They’re found in all oceans except the Arctic and Antarctic, as they prefer tropical and temperate waters. Ocean sunfish are pelagic, meaning they mainly live in open ocean, but will travel to shallower areas of coral or kelp to be cleaned.

They live in areas of water above 10 degrees, because if it gets any colder, they will most likely die ocean sunfish feed, mainly on small organisms such as zooplankton, mollusks, other smaller fish and crustaceans, but their most common prey are jellyfish, which is surprising.

A sunfish are very large and have an incredible growth rate, so require a lot of energy for jellyfish and mostly water, and have little nutritional value, meaning sunfish have to be very active hunters [, Music ].

Some fish displays sexual dimorphism, where females are larger than males. They’ve, been seen to live for 10 years in captivity, but it isn’t known how long they can live in the wild they’re using growth.

Curves is estimated. Some fish over 3 meters long would be around 20 years old. They reproduce through a method called broadcast spawning where females release eggs into the water and males release the sperm into the water to fertilize the floating eggs.

Female sunfish hold the record for the most eggs produced by vertebra, with each spawn containing are 300 million eggs, [ Music ], probably the most well-known behavior that some fish display is basking on the surface of the water in the Sun.

Scientists are not 100 % sure why they do this for the most likely reasons: thermoregulation some fish dive down to anywhere from 200 to 600 meters to hunt, but as said before, some fish, like it warm so just like marine iguanas in the Galapagos.

They must rest in the Sun for a while to warm up before they can hunt again or they may get too cold and simply shut down. Some fish are the largest bone fish in the world. They can weigh up to a thousand kilograms or more unlike sharks.

In some fish they possess proper bones and so skeletons have been recovered. As you can see there even stranger than the fish themselves. A [ Music ] large sunfish measuring over four metres from fin to fin has almost nothing to fear except ship collisions, but smaller sunfish are at risk of being eaten by sea.

Lions and orca. Sunfish are also caught by humans, especially in Japan, where there is a small market for them, but in Europe it is illegal to catch and trade ocean sunfish meat. They are mostly only caught by humans by accident when they get caught in Nets.

This is known as bycatch. The IUCN classified the sunfish as vulnerable, due to their natural rarity, combined with human interference and their decrease in sightings all over the world.