This is my morning routine. I usually wake up around 6 30 seven, and the first thing I do is reach for a water bottle. I wake up feeling dehydrated every morning.

So this feels like heaven. Then i slowly stumble into the bathroom. Definitely still half asleep, and i start my quick morning, grooming routine, which mostly consists of brushing my teeth. Washing my face, moisturizing it and applying a strong deodorant lately, i’ve, been working out around 9am, so that gives me about two hours to get some work done at home before i exercise.

So i light up the scandal which, by the way, smells incredible it’s. The gentleman’s, lounge candle by fragrance one, and then i get to work [ Music. ]. The past few weeks i’ve, been working on the upcoming forte series product launch, which uh they will launch in december.

They’re coming there’s new products coming in december. I’m, also adding amazing new videos and challenges to our inner circle to the new group, the new community that we just launched over the summer and, of course i also work on these videos here, for you guys, after a couple of hours of Work and catching up on emails.

It is time to head upstairs and i get my pre-workout ready so that i can have the energy i need to crush this workout. I’ve, been drinking this one here from transparent labs, and i highly recommend it.

I’ll leave a link here, if you guys are interested, if you guys are looking for something that doesn’t tingle your ears, or you know that butterfly feeling that you get from some of these pre-workouts.

This isn’t it. This will definitely give you that feeling it kicks in fast, and it gets me pumped for my workouts, but i actually quite enjoy it with this one. Then, probably one of the best parts of my day, a nice drive in the vantage man, i still get butterflies every time.

I start this engine. I just don’t know if i’ll ever get bored of this car, as some of you guys know, i do have a small gym at home in my garage, but lately i’ve, been feeling the itch to Get outside man i just need to get some sun, some fresh air and i’ve been driving to different parks or fields or spaces to get my workouts in and there’s, usually not a lot of people around. So it’s safe and i get a nice tan as a bonus. So why [ Music ], not [, Music ]? I jump rope to get my heart rate up. This is a one pound rope and i know that sounds like it’s light, but i’m telling you it is so much heavier than it sounds and it looks it is a killer, [, Music ].

I use this uh bowflex kettlebell here to do different types of workouts like shoulders or, of course, lunges, because you guessed it you can’t skip leg days. I feel like i was struggling to stay in shape over the past few months, because you know the virus just took over our lives basically, but now that i’m getting outside to work out to see people walking around.

I have been way more motivated, so i highly recommend you do the same once in a while. Just get outside get some sun get some fresh air. As long as you’re safe, i highly recommend it. Also at this point, you’re, probably wondering what the heck is around my biceps.

Well, it’s called a whoop. I know weird name right, but it’s. Pretty awesome. It measures my sleep. It gives me detailed data about my heart rate throughout the day, calories burned and so much more. I’ve, been wearing my whoop for about a month non-stop.

Now you sleep with it, you shower with it, and i love it man. I really do. I’ll leave a link below if you’re serious about your fitness gains and health, and if you like data about your body, then definitely check it out now on to the second favorite part of my morning, after driving the aston Of course, making my protein shake it’s simple, but it tastes so pretty good and it’s very healthy.

I’ll. Tell you exactly how to do it. Frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, vanilla protein powder, water and blend it? Well, that is it: it’s, so simple: it’s, so quick and healthy. I’m telling you guys give this a try.

Then it’s time to get clean. I shower change, apply today’s cologne and sit in my office to pick work back up where i left it. I also like to massage my body with the hypervolt massage device. While i work because i’m – usually pretty sore – and this thing is insane – i’ve – been working out really hard.

Lately I’m very proud of myself for doing that, but i’m telling you my body is completely destroyed, so it feels really good to just sit and do this for about 10 to 15 minutes before I start actually working hard.