How To Wake Up EARLY and NOT BE TIRED!

I was younger i absolutely hated waking up early. I went to a military school in brazil, so i would wake up at 4 30 in the morning to get ready. My mom or dad would give me a ride to the bus.

Stop shout out to my parents for waking up early to do that by the way, then i would wait for a bus. Take the bus to school and start classes at 7 30 a.m. At the time it sucked – i was miserable, you know, but after a little while i started to adjust to that lifestyle of waking up early, my body was used to it and i appreciated it because, even though our school started earlier, it also meant that we would Be done earlier in the day and i could go home or play sports after school.

Look the best way to wake up earlier and not be miserable, is by going to sleep earlier. This is going to give you the best results. I was waking up at 4. 30 a.m, so by 9, 10 p.m. I was exhausted, so naturally i went to sleep at that time and i woke up feeling great the next morning.

It takes her a couple weeks to get used to it, but i know it sucks. You know you’re going to bed early. You’re like no, but i want to watch a movie. I want to turn on netflix to chill don’t. Do that go straight to bed.

If you go to bed at 10 pm, you wake up at 6, 00 a.m, with a full eight hours of sleep, and that is perfect. The next tip is perfect. If you like to stay in bed in the morning when you wake up and you’re, like i don’t want to get up.

I’m. Just gonna stay in bed. It’s too hard to get up and you fall back asleep. You can’t. Do that so use this method. It’s called the countdown method. It’s super easy. If you’re laying in bed – and you’re ready to get up, but you can’t just stop everything, focus and then count down from three three two one and get up start moving, do not stay in bed.

I actually do this one all the time and i’m guilty of you know wanting to be in bed a little bit longer. Sometimes, when i wake up – and i feel a little bit tired or sore from my workout the day before and i don’t want to get up, my bed is nice and comfy.

You know the ac is on, i feel great, but then i count down from three and i get up and nothing stops me. The thing is, once you’re up and out of bed, you’re up, don’t, go back to bed and you’re done. You’re up your day starts it’s.

Go time. Try this tip tomorrow morning and let me know how it goes in the comment section down below the next tip. I have for you tip number three: is the reason why the countdown works so well. The only reason why you stay in bed is because you’re negotiating against yourself.

You’re telling yourself all these different reasons why you should stay in bed and guess what, when you negotiate against yourself, you’re, always gonna win, you’re, always gonna have excuses to stay in bed.

Well, i worked out really hard last night, so my body is sore, which means i need to sleep a little bit longer well, but i went to bed kind of late last night, so you know what i need just a tiny bit more sleep.

Well, i’m just gonna stay in bed because i’ll, go to bed earlier tonight to make up for that’s, just you negotiating against yourself and you’re, always going to win. So stop it if you’re still in your head in the morning, thinking about whether or not you should get up and all these different reasons versus all those different reasons stop.

This is why the countdown works, focus, breathe, count down from three and get up this negotiating against yourself. Thing is actually really interesting right because it’s so true and it works for so many other things outside of just staying in bed.

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I’ll. Leave the website to the inner circle in the description below it’s, going to be the first link right down there so go check it out. The next tip is start thinking of waking up early as a good thing switch.

Your mindset, oh waking, up early sucks. No waking up early is awesome. You’re being smart. You’re. Getting ahead. You’re. Investing in yourself focus on that amazing, positive feeling in the morning.

Waking up early should give you this. I did it feeling you know i’m up. I’m motivated. Everyone else is sleeping, not me. You know i am up. Sometimes i get up and i smile at the clock when i look at it, because i’m, like it’s 6 a.

m. Everyone around here sleeping the neighborhood, is quiet. Everyone is maybe getting up slowly, not me. I’m ready to go. I tell that to myself. I get motivated, i even say it in a loud voice. Let’s. Go let’s.

Do this? Let’s crush today. Man that mindset it’s a little bit cringy it’s a little bit corny, i get it. But if you do that trust me, it completely changes your outlook on waking up early. It’s, insane, look whatever it takes for you to get going.

You know before i shoot these videos to get this energy to get happy and excited to shoot them. I hype myself up too so start doing that in the morning or whenever you need really to get hyped up and trust me.

It’s. Gon na change, your energy completely something that really helped me over the years was making plans at night before going to bed, i always sit or lay down, and i think about what i have to do the next day.

I make my to-do list. You know what it takes: a huge weight off my shoulders, because, as soon as i open my eyes tomorrow morning, i know exactly what i need to do. I think it’s, really bad to go to sleep without having to plan for the next day, because you don’t know.

Do i have to wake up early? Can i sleep in a little bit later? Do i have to wake up and take a shower and do something, or am i going to wake up and work out so when you know exactly what you’re doing the next day, you know exactly what your morning is going to look like And exactly what you need to do in terms of waking up and going straight to do it? It just really comes in handy the next day when you wake up, you look at your phone and you say all right.

I have something at 7. 30 am. It is 6 30 now so i have an hour to do something, so it just gives you a really good map of your next day tonight before you go to bed. Make sure that you look at your phone do a little to-do list for tomorrow or add it to your calendar.

Whatever system works for you, but make sure that you’re ready for the next day next up, something that i’m. A little bit guilty of lately don’t depend on coffee. Look, i love coffee. I love the way it tastes i used to hate coffee.

I used to never drink coffee up until probably two years ago and all of a sudden, i got a little bit addicted, but i will say i’ve slowed it down a lot. I was drinking coffee at 7 pm 8 pm. Before i shot my videos or whatever and it just wasn’t working, it was getting me really wired and then i was depending on it.

I was almost addicted to that caffeine, so i stopped, and nowadays i have one coffee after my workout. Maybe maybe rarely a second one in the afternoon, if i’m feeling really down really low instead of drinking coffee switch it for water.

Instead, it’s, not gonna, be the same right away. I understand that and trust me. I feel it, but it’s, a lot healthier for you. It doesn’t stain your teeth. It’s, much healthier for your muscles for your skin, for your nails for your whole body and it’s.

Something that you should get used to doing anyway. I always wake up, and the first thing i do is chug a glass of water all right or i have a little bottle. I actually have a bottle of water right next to my bed, so i just immediately reach over and start drinking water in the morning you wake up.

You have that dry mouth, you have bad breath, so water is the best thing that you can do for your body as soon as you wake up. This next tip is going to really free up a lot of time, for you later in the day, get as much as possible done early in the morning.

Now that you’re up, you’re waking up a little bit earlier. You’re, not miserable. You should do your best to just get things out of the way, just run through your to-do list and crush it. What i found is that in the morning, especially really early in the morning, you’re.

Just way more focused there’s, not a lot of distractions. There’s, no text messages there’s; no phone calls there’s, nothing going on most people are sleeping or maybe just waking up and taking a shower taking their sweet time to get ready.

Not you. If you start doing things early in the morning, you are going to literally crush your to-do list before anyone else is up, and at the end of the day, when you’re tired, you don’t have to do as much anymore, Because you did most of your work in the morning, it is amazing it’s, gonna completely change your productivity levels, trust me and start doing this tomorrow and, of course, guys be grateful for even waking up the next morning.

Every morning, when i wake up, you know i i have a little talk with myself and i say i’m waking up it’s a new day. It’s, a new chance, a new opportunity for me to go and get things done. Talk to my family, see my girlfriend, see my brothers and and hang out and like have fun and live my life, so i feel blessed.

I feel grateful. I feel happy that i’m. I’ve, been given this opportunity, so think of it. That way, and that will completely change your mindset instead of waking up and being like ugh another day, this sucks it’s too early.

I’m tired that’s, just you setting yourself up for failure, so you have to change your mindset from a negative annoyed, tired mindset to a positive, motivated and ready to be productive mindset. You have to feel grateful for even waking up that morning having the opportunity to crush your day, guys.