How to LUCID DREAM Tonight (Secrets REVEALED)

Tip one for lucid dreaming is about changing the outcome of your nightmares. Let’s, say you’re dreaming and a zombie hoard is gathering in your backyard. You want to survive it’s, terrifying. It seems so real that you can almost smell them through your windows.

You can see all the details of their rotting flesh and you know you’re outnumbered and if you make any sudden movements they might break through your windows. To get you to add more terror to the green, your family dog starts barking.

Freaking idiot goes out the doggy door to the yard and tries to protect you from the approaching doom. Now you’re panicking, as you see your pet inches away from the hands of a hungry zombie. No, you wake up afraid and startled what a horrible nightmare – oh, my god, it felt so real and of course the first thing you think to yourself to do is start watching another better sleep episode on youtube to distract yourself from the horrible memory before you go Back to sleep, stop normally, we wouldn’t, recommend you to overthink a real life situation before sleeping.

However, this is probably the best time to overthink, remember and over analyze that dream so that when you go back to sleep, you may be able to induce a lucid dream and change it to the outcome. You want overthinking in your head how you could have solved that situation better in the dream to save yourself, and your dog is more likely to let you continue that dream and alter it this time.

Think of it like a video game, when you die in a video game, you get to start over from a safe point. Unless it’s call of duty and they just drop you right in the ship. You can remember a point in your dream.

Earlier on, where you were safe and could make a better choice to avoid the risk-taking and alter the story to help, you have a less terrifying dream, as you fall back asleep, imagine the situation changing for the better.

So back up to that point in your dream, where you were in bed and heard weird zombie noises from downstairs and instead of going downstairs to investigate like every single in every scary movie, you’ve ever seen, put your dog on a leash and Go to your window and climb out onto the roof and yeah you guessed it freaking parkour man hold on no be able to fly with your dog across the rooftops to get to a friend’s house, where you know they & # 39.

Ve got a car and zombie supplies next, you and your friends and family successfully escape and drive to a boat dock where you can access your rich uncle’s, private island, complete with a fully stocked mansion and live out your days peacefully, zombie free! Oh by the way, let us know in the comments what your most crazy scary dream was: the dirtier the more violent, the nastier, the better tip two for inducing.

A lucid dream is for those people who don’t, remember their dreams or often sleep through the whole night. Without waking up, the key is to maximize your chances of waking up during a rem cycle. You should set a soft and quiet type of alarm.

Four, five, six or seven hours after you are going to sleep, choose one of these times to wake up around six hours being the most likely time. You can interrupt your dream when you wake up stay, laying down and keep your body sleepy.

Think about the dream you were just having for no longer than 30 minutes try to fall back asleep, focusing on that dream. So you can be aware, when you fall back to sleep, that it was just a dream, so you can continue it in your own style.

This method is similar to the nightmare tip, but in this case you just want to force yourself to wake up in the middle of a dream. If 6 hours, isn’t during your rem cycle, try 4 hours the next night, tip 3 for inducing lucid dreams is to perform a reality check about 10 times a day.

While you’re awake reality, checks can include, checking a clock or time and then looking again at the time a second time. In reality, the time will be nearly the same in a dream. Usually the time changes significantly.

Another reality check can be pushing one of your left fingers up your butt, no into the center of your right palm focus on trying to push your finger through your hand. If you can’t, you are awake in a dream you might be able to and often during dreams.

If you look at your hands or feet, they can look distorted if you make the habit to perform reality checks. When you’re awake, you’re more likely to have your friends. Look at you, like you’re, a psycho and to remember to perform them when you’re dreaming so that you can catch yourself when you are in dreamland.

Alrighty dreamers. Try these tips out and let us know which one worked for you – have beautiful dreams and like and subscribe for more better sleep videos number one other than hygienic habits like brushing and flossing your teeth before bed.

Many sleep experts recommend that people should turn off their devices at least 30 minutes before sleeping. The reason for this is that the light from the android iphone tablet tv, laptop freaking game boy – i don’t, know whatever you got it messes with your internal circadian rhythm and delays, the release.