How To Know If He Is Rebounding

Knowing when to get involved with someone when they’ve just gotten out of a relationship can be confusing, because if they’re still hooked on that person. That’s, going to leave little room in their heart.

You know some people will say don’t, get involved with someone for at least six months when they’re out of a relationship and that’s, really bad advice, because you don’t, really know if They’re over that person or not.

I’ve known people who aren’t over people for years. It’s, taken them years to get over a past relationship and on the other hand, sometimes people will leave a relationship emotionally leave that relationship months before it actually ends, and so shortly, when the relationship’s done they’Re ready for something new, so these five signs are going to help.

You know whether the person that you’re seeing is still rebounding, which you want to avoid, or they’re ready for love, and you want to give that relationship. A shot so sign number one that the person is rebounding is they’re, still, processing the hurt that wound of exiting that relationship is still really fresh and they really can’t talk about their ex or that relationship without either becoming Really sad and tearing up or being really angry and you see that resentment searing in them or they just shut down like they can’t talk about it because it’s too painful.

That shows that the person is still emotionally processing that experience and it’s best to let them do the work process themselves before getting into a new relationship. The healthy person is able to talk about the ex-relationship, with a sense of calmness, with a sense of neutrality and from a place of the lessons they’ve learned along the way and how it’s helped make them a better person.

Sign number two is comparing you to their ex and making you the hero. So when someone’s still rebounding, they’ll, often compare you and the great things you’re doing to the ex and how the ex was really underperforming in that area.

They say. Oh, my gosh. Thank you for being on time. My ex was never on time. They never showed up on time. I love that you’re on time or thank you so much for being romantic. Like wow, you brought me flowers.

These are my ex. Never ever brought me flowers or never did anything nice for me when your person you’re with, is comparing you to that x. Putting that ex down that’s, a bad sign that they’re still rebounding, because often what that means is they’re, still trying to overcome the feelings that they still have for that person and that relationship the healthy Person can celebrate you, the healthy person can acknowledge you without having to compare you to the ex now.

The third sign that the person you’re with might be rebounding is if they talk about their ex in completely unnecessary moments. Inopportune times. You know you’re driving down the road and they see an ice cream shop and they’re.

Like oh, hey, my ex and i used to go to that ice cream shop. They have the most amazing rocky road ice cream or you’re gonna go on a hike, it’s the weekend and you’re like hey. What actually we do and they’re, like oh, my gosh, my ex, and i used to do this like we should do it.

This hike is amazing. They’ve got the most amazing view on the summit. It’s unnecessary. To mention that you went on that hike with your ex you, don’t need to mention that it’s. Okay and often the reason the person does this is they’re, trying to satiate the feelings of longing they still have for their ex, and so it’s like they’ll magically appear their ex in the middle of the moment of your relationship and it just gets in the way of you and your partner creating new, fresh unfettered experiences together.

So it’s. Okay, to talk about your ex, but the moments when you’re, going to talk about your ex are moments of reflection. When you’re taught you’re both talking about your past, you’re. Both talking about lessons learned how you’ve grown things like that.

If you notice that that ex is appearing in random conversations in unnecessary times might just be a sign that the person you’re with is still rebounding. The fourth sign the person you’re with might be rebounding, is that they will vilify their ex.

Their ex will be the worst person, the most horrible person, everything their ex did was bad was wrong and they are the saint. You want to be careful about this, because if they are vilifying their ex there’s, two things.

If they still have that searing resentment in them, then definitely they’re, not over that relationship. You want them to be in a place of calm so that they can move forward with you without carrying that old resentment forward with them.

And the second thing is be careful, if not just their ex, but their ex and their previous ex and the previous ex and the previous ex. If they were all crazy, you might be dating someone. They’re like yeah.

My ex was crazy and then they ex before that was crazy and the ex before that was crazy. If everyone else is crazy, guess who the crazy one is? Probably the person you’re, seeing when there’s, a consensus that everybody else is wrong.

Often the person who’s, creating that experience is the one that’s, recreating it over and over and over again. So be aware, if the person you’re with is vilifying their exes because it might not be the person you will want to move forward with and number five is you find yourself jumping into the relationship too deep too fast with this person? Now it’s normal to when you really like someone there’s.

All this chemistry together that you want to spend a ton of time together that you’ll, have marathon sex sessions together when you’ll totally pour yourself into one another when you really like each other, yet with the rebounder you get.

This strange feeling that you are with someone who’s, trying to maintain a lifestyle just with someone new it’s like an old script, with a new cast and it’s like you’re picking up A long-term relationship right in the middle with this old routine that you have with them, and so the identifier here is that there’s.

A lack of commitment for the amount of time that you’re spending together that there’s, a lack of commitment for the amount of sex that you’re having with one another that’s. When you’re that warning sign that this person might be rebounding, the healthy relationship has a matching level of commitment.

Where you get to know the person you’re committed to one another and that matches the amount of time you’re spending together in the amount of sex or physical intimacy, that you’re having with one another.

In fact, what’s interesting? I trained my nephew for football and he’s. 14 years old. He just broke up with his girlfriend. There’s, this other girl who likes him, and so he started talking to her and he told her he said hey.

You know i’m interested in you. I want to explore things with you, but i’m. I want to take things slow because i don’t want you to be a rebound, and is he telling me this was a couple days ago i was blown away.

I was thinking to myself, wow man. How mature is this little guy? At 14 years old, knowing that taking it slow, actually helps him heal from one relationship and be emotionally ready for the next, because here’s, the deal.

Yes, there are rebounders out there, but there are also men who have done their work. Men who have healed from the past men who are ready for an extraordinary relationship, men who want to create an amazing love story and a man out there who’s, hoping that you don’t, give up on love a man who’s, hoping that you keep moving forward, that you keep believing that it’s possible for you.

You keep believing that you will find him because he wants to find you and create that amazing love story with you it is possible for you.