September 23, 2020

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Custom ERP Software Development

Custom ERP Software Development

We discuss here Custom ERP Software Development. However, not all ERP software will meet all of your organization’s requirements. Therefore, when deciding which ERP software to adopt, you should choose the most reliable in regard to your company’s needs and processes.

Off the shelf

These are easy systems to implement due to the fact that they are developed from the experience of other organizations (user groups) different from yours. From discussions about how each of these companies best uses the system, you gain insight into how best to adopt the system for your business.

Custom ERP software

With customized ERP, the system is developed based on the experience of your company. A programmer can design the ERP system according to what he wants the software to be able to do and, ideally, the process he must follow to perform and facilitate its operations.


There is a greater chance that a company will meet the requirements of its users when it comes to custom ERP software that is not a generic system solution. This is so despite the high initial costs and time-consuming to start the system. You can always start small and add the essential layers as you go, and ultimately meet the target software for your business. In addition, it is also a way to distribute the initial expenses everywhere.

The custom ERP software is also designed to adapt to your business processes rather than the business adjusting to it, this is somewhat of a relief as when it comes to training company staff there will be less. All they have to do is make small adjustments to coordinate with the system.

A good example of this approach is Tesla, who carefully evaluated all the pros, cons, and risks and decided to create a custom ERP solution with the benefits mentioned above in mind. Tesla CIO Jay Vijayan estimated SAP implementation costs at “millions of dollars” and one year to complete all required integrations. Tesla managed to achieve the same functionality in 4 months and a much lower budget with custom ERP. As a result, they gained independence from the external provider and the Enterprise Resource Planning System that is tailor-made for their established internal business and manufacturing processes. Custom ERP Software Development


It is obvious that the cost of developing custom ERP software will depend on what you need. The number of users and its complexity. For example, if you are looking for a sophisticated custom ERP system. You may not find complete designs that meet your needs. Therefore, you will have to incur an additional cost for complementary products to ensure that the software works fully.

However, the overall cost of the ERP system will range from $ 25k to 75k. The additional costs incurred for future modules or services and recharge tools would range from $ 5k to 25k.


The solutions and services that custom ERP software development is intended to provide are usually not in the box. Therefore, it takes a lot of time and finances to initialize the design, resulting in a high initial fee.

Since custom ERP software development is based on your requirements. To get a high-quality system that easily maneuvers future changes despite being a first-time project. You need an experienced developer. Such resources are difficult to come by since you are outsourcing. Custom ERP Software Development

Also, your contact with the developer who started the system must be consistent. This is because they would better understand the system during the development cycle: design, testing, quality control / testing, and training. This can be difficult to do, especially if the developer is unreliable.

Despite that, custom ERP software helps save a tremendous amount of money from a long-term perspective. You may ask how is that possible.