Why Does Life Need Water?

Water is absolutely integral to life on this planet. Without its presence, it seems unlikely that life would ever have begun here on earth and it’s impossible for us to survive for very long without it. But why is this? What is so important about water that the majority of life we know of is …

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Why Did T.rex Have Small Arms?

The most famous of all dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, although being a powerful dangerous predator, is often made fun of for having particularly small arms. Of course, if you were to compare these arms with a human, you would find them to actually be quite large structures reaching about a metre in length, but when …

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Oilbird – Animal of the Week

Welcome to another episode of animal of the week this week’s. Animal is the oil bird, a brown but ornate bird. That gets its name from the fact that baby oil birds were boiled down to make torchon oil birds are endemic to northern South America and the Caribbean island of Trinidad. They live in …

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