7 Things Making You LOOK Like a “NICE GUY” (and how to fix them)

What’s up? My name is Alex costa and if you’ve ever read anything online ever then you’ve, probably heard of the saying nice guys finish last ouch, that is a scary saying. Why would I actively try to not be nice isn’t that the whole point of being a good human being a good person to be nice to everyone? Well, you’re, probably right.

As a matter of fact, you’re, a hundred percent correct, but, as we know, human beings are flawed individuals we like to complicate things. The truth is girls tend to always fall for the bad boys and befriend the nice guys.

The friend zone is really just a nice guy hangout area. Don’t worry guys. Today, i’m, going to show you how to still be a good person, but not get trapped in the nice guy hangout zone aka friend zone.

We’re gonna make sure that you look like a badass one of the most powerful things when you meet, someone is going to be their smell their scent. So that is the first step here. Do not look like a nice guy.

You need to smell like a bad boy, stop wearing light colognes at night. You need to wear a cologne that’s, going to pack a punch. You need a powerful scent that’s, rich, that girls will go crazy for you know when you walk by someone right and you smell that amazing scent whether she was your type or not.

You feel an attraction to that scent and that person it’s crazy. What the right cologne can do for you switch up your light and fresh scents for woody leathery dark scents. That will give you an extra seduction power.

You’re, not trying to smell like a friendly nice guy, you’re, trying to smell like a sexy dude. Looking for a partner guys. So if you’re, looking for the best fragrances and don’t worry, I got you covered.

I’m gonna leave a few of them listed in the description below the second thing. We need to work on guys. The dad bod it’s, got ta. Go i’m, not telling you to get into a bodybuilder shape. All right. I’m, not telling you to get super skinny.

I’m saying you need to look healthy and the dead bod, just doesn’t. The problem with the dad bod is that you’re kind of in shape, but you’re, not really you’re in between with a jacket on. You might look like you’re in shape, but as soon as you take the jacket off it’s kind of like a disappointment, you know, girls will see that gut sticking out and it’s.

Not really that attractive, though i will say there are some girls and if you’re really lucky, you will find them some girls that are attracted to a dad bot. But i wouldn’t count on at the end of the day.

Being in shape will always be better aesthetically and, of course, for your health. If you’re sick of looking like the nice guy, put some muscle on get rid of the extra weight that you gained during quarantine and you will immediately look way stronger and less like the nice boring guy.

Now that you smell incredible, you have a healthy looking body. It’s time to work on the nice guy fashion and let it go nice guys, wear clothes that don’t really fit them properly, or they have that boring style that just doesn’t.

Get any looks you need to be more than that. You need clothes that will show the best features of your body. Your chest, your shoulders, your arms right, you need clothes that look like they were tailored for you because they fit you like a glove, and i have the perfect brand for you.

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Your biceps will look bigger your triceps more pronounced because of the way the sleeves are cut here. Just a tiny bit shorter than the average nice guy shirt. These will give you really nice figure and enhance your body in a way that most other t-shirts just can’t do so it’s funny.

I wear their t-shirts a lot and every time i do uh for an instagram story or a youtube video. You know every time i wear a cuts. T you guys dm me asking me alex what shirt is that there’s, no logo in it? So you’re, basically asking me what shirt this is just because it fits me well.

So that is the reaction that you will get when you wear cuts clothing and when it comes to fit and the style, the options are endless. They have three color options: crew, neck v-neck henleys. They have three types of hems here in the bottom, as well from split hem to classic to elongated.

So what i would say is taller guys usually like the elongated hem, while shorter guys they should go for the split or the classic. Hem, hey guys, the hoodies, the hoodies are so comfortable man. I’ve, been wearing these.

So much now that it’s. Finally, a little bit colder here. I have this one, this one, which i absolutely love. I have this one here too, and i have this one this one here as well. I absolutely love this one.

I wore this one to new york actually last week on my trip so comfortable, and if that wasn’t enough, one of the best things about their shirts is that they’re wrinkle resistant, so you can fold them up put them In your drawer and when you pull them out, they’re, not going to have those annoying marks on them.

It’s, a game changer guys. I’m, going to leave the link to cuts clothing in the description below. So you guys can enhance your physique and look incredible in your new clothes. Even their hoodies enhance your body because of the way they’re cut, no more nice guy, boring clothes, get cuts, clothing instead.

Number four on today’s list is having submissive body language alex. What the heck is that, let me explain, don’t, be the type of guy who is always looking down. Who has a really soft shaky handshake, the guy who is always hunched over like this with bad posture and get your hands out of your pockets? That type of body language makes it seem like you’re, not really a confident man instead, walk with energy, stand up straight and stop looking down.

No, i’m, not gonna sit here and say: oh you have to show strength. You have to be loud, you need to break hands when you shake them. No, no! You you definitely don’t uh, you’re, not a douche. You’re, a gentleman who is cool, calm and collected and, above all, confidence you don’t need to show off and be loud.

You know what you’re, capable of next up to cut ties with your old nice guy self. You’re gonna need to spice up your style even more. You know what’s gonna go really well with your new cuts, clothing accessories.

Now, if you guys are longtime subscribers, then you know i love my jewelry. I like to wear rings a necklace which i yeah. I am wearing a necklace. I like to wear sunglasses bracelets, and i definitely like to wear a watch, but it took me a while to get used to wearing accessories, especially rings.

I thought they were too much. You know. Let me tell you that’s, not true rings will definitely make you look less like a nice guy and more of a badass, so it’s, the perfect accessory for you, a necklace, makes your t-shirts look a lot better, especially when You’re wearing an open jacket over it.

You know even with a hoodie, it works. Sunglasses make you look more mysterious. A watch gives that gentleman vibe that every guy wants to have so spice up your look change it up and get some accessories to go with even your basic outfits, because that will make sure they’re, not basic outfits, any longer number.

Six on the list of things that make you look like a nice guy, always saying yes and being freely available at all times. This is a tough one, because i get it. You know you want to be available. If a girl is asking you out, you want to say yes all the time if you like her, but you need to balance things out saying.

Yes, all the time means that you’re, always free, which means you have nothing going on. Which means you’re, probably boring, and not too many people want to hang out with you see what i mean it. Doesn’t, look great so once in a while, if you’re tired, if you don’t feel like going out or seeing that person it’s more than okay to say no, not! Today i’ll catch up with you next time.

It tells them that you have other plans. They can’t get access to you whenever they want. Let them know that and next wearing really bright colors. If you’re going out and trying to look like a badass like a dark, mysterious man, then you have to look the part right.

You can’t, wear a yellow, button-up shirt and try to look like a badass. It just doesn’t work. You can’t, wear baby blue and try to look super tough right. You need to wear black gray navy blue, even white works, but bright colorful clothing.

That’s. Definitely going to make you look like friend, zone material, don’t forget to check out cuts clothing in the description below, so you guys can enhance your physique and look incredible. It is the first link below if you learned something new in today’s.



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