If you want to look good to be attractive and have that strong presence that every guy wants to have, then you came to the right place. That’s, because today i made a list of the seven things that attractive men.

Never do you know why? Because, by doing the things on this list, you’re, automatically going to be seen as less attractive and less desirable by the way, if you like men’s fashion. If you want to learn about men’s, hair grooming, fitness dating advice then welcome that’s.

Exactly what i talk about on this channel. We have almost 3 million subscribers here with us and i would love to see you here. More often so hit the subscribe button below all right. The first thing you need to stop doing right now is getting blacked out drunk every weekend.

Drinking with the squad is usually a great time right. You have a lot of fun, but then all of a sudden, you wake up the next day and you don’t. Remember what happened and if you’re that guy that i have to take care of every weekend because you get blacked out drunk.

I’m telling you that’s, not cool dude. Nobody wants to take care of the same person all the time just because they choose to go overboard with their alcohol levels every weekend and that’s, not just for friends.

That also goes with the opposite sex right. If you’re trying to hook up with a girl and then you black out trust me nothing’s, gonna happen. Instead, how about you drink casually moderately and remember that night instead number two attractive guys they don’t get involved in gossip.

If your group of friends are gossiping back and forth right, they’re, probably not the right friends for you, because that trust me will get out there right. If you’re sitting around talking smack about other people, just spreading gossip and lies about other people, you don’t want to be involved in that at some point that is going to bite you back, i’ll.

Tell you what i do if i sit somewhere and people start talking about other people and sometimes you don’t even know the person and you kind of want to join in because it may seem like it’s. Fun like oh really, what happened tell me more.

I just don’t say anything. First of all, you never know what that person is going to hear. Second of all, you never know what these people are saying about you behind your back, so it’s, not a good look.

If your group of friends is talking smack about people and those people, don’t know what do they say about you when you turn your back, so don’t, be the person spreading negative things about others? What’s? That going to do for you nothing focus on yourself worry about yourself and your loved ones, and that is it number three stop driving so aggressively.

Just to show off look speeding, sometimes, can be fun. I have a fast car. I love driving my car, but if there’s, somebody sitting next to you that changes things completely stop trying to show off stop putting other people’s lives in danger, not only the person sitting next to you, but also the other People driving on that same road, but that’s, so boring i love driving fast.

I love cars. I know trust me: there’s, a time and place to do it and you do not want to put other people’s lives in danger, and there’s, a lot of guys that think that driving fast equals to Being attractive or equals to being a great driver that’s, not true at all being a safe driver is equal to being a good driver that’s very different than being a fast driver and driving aggressively.

If you’re driving super fast and aggressive, you’re, having a great time, you think you’re, an amazing driver, you look over and the person sitting. Next to you has eyes this big is grabbing onto the handle and is super scared.

You’re, not a good driver and that person is not having fun next on the list attractive. Guys do not show a lack of confidence guys. We talk about confidence here on this channel all the time and how important it really is, if you’re, a really quiet guy, if your posture is like this right, if you’re, letting everyone make decisions for you, if your handshake Is super shaky and sweaty people will immediately see that as a lack of confidence, and that is not attractive.

Now i’m, really not about overpowering people with confidence that’s; fake confidence, that’s douchey and you’re, just compensating for something else. So no i don’t want you to grab that person’s hand and squeeze it and break it.

When you’re doing a handshake, i don’t want you to maintain eye contact for 25 seconds. I just want you to be a gentleman. I want you to be cool, calm and collected. That is how you’re, going to show that you’re, confident and guys that’s.

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It’s listed in the description here’s. The first link below join the hundreds of guys who are already part of the inner circle. Now this next thing guys, if you’re still doing this, i don’t even know why.

I have to say this, but i do have to say it because i’ve, seen it all right, guys chewing with their mouths open being super loud and gross man that is not attractive at all. That is actually pretty disgusting and if you’re still doing that and if you’re a grown man, it’s time to cut it out.

It’s funny because it’s. Actually, one of my pet peeves, i used to work with this person and they sat next to me and every time they ordered lunch, i had to go somewhere else. I literally could not work next to them because it was just like just the chewing sounds next to me and i was going insane.

I had to either put my headphones in and just like look away because they chewed with their mouths. You see how heated i get about this all right. Please close your mouth chew, quietly and be respectful.

These are manners here guys just basic manners come on. I promise you. Nobody wants to see food in your mouth while you’re eating and nobody wants to hear it and listen to that noise so cut it out, eat slowly, enjoy your food close your mouth just eat with manners that’s.

Pretty much. All i’m saying here, because that is attractive. You know what is not attractive is wearing fake designer brand items. I’m, not sure why people do this so much. I don’t understand the appeal of wearing something that you know.

Isn’t real. You know that you paid five dollars for that and it’s supposed to cost five thousand dollars. Why are you wearing it well alex? Because i don’t wan na spend five thousand dollars, then just buy something that actually costs five dollars for what it is you don’t need to wear designer brands to show people that you have value.

You can show that you’re, a high value person by showing other qualities other benefits that you have like your mindset, your communication skills or your confidence. All of these things that we just talked about you, don’t need to show off all these brands, especially if they’re fake.

Look, you guys know me. You know that i, like nice, things i like to wear cool brands as well, but i also have a lot of very affordable things from zara h m things that don’t have logos. I couldn’t. Tell you where this is from right now, honestly, it doesn’t really matter.

I like the way it fits me. I like the way it feels, and it wasn’t that expensive that i can guarantee. But if you buy a fake watch right and you put that on you’re gonna walk around every day, worrying that people are to look at that watch and say i don’t think that’s, a real Rolex, i think that’s, a fake watch and then you have to lie to them and say that no it’s, definitely real.

I got it when i went to italy that one time come on guys it’s. Going to be so much better when you buy something after you saved up for it after you deserve it, it’s, going to feel incredible. So, instead of buying all of these fake things, save up and buy the real thing when you’re ready or just buy more affordable brands, that is totally fine.

Another one of my pet peeves man, attractive guys, are not messy. Being disorganized is not attractive at all, as a matter of fact, it’s, a sign that you don’t, have your shiz together all right. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone like that.

So clean up your mess. Organize your room: you can be the best looking guy on the planet, but if you go out, try to pick up a girl right and your car smells like mcdonald’s because there’s. A bag of mcdonald’s.

That’s, been on the back seat for two days and man. She will immediately be turned off by that make sure your car is clean, or at least smells nice make sure your place is organized. Make your bed in the morning you don’t have to be a neat freak or have ocd.

Just don’t, be super messy plus there’s. Nothing like having a clean organized place, light up a candle. All of a sudden, it smells amazing, it looks good and trust me. Girls will notice guys don’t forget to join the hundreds of other guys who have joined the inner circle.