7 Hairstyle Rules EVERY MAN Should Follow

Today I’m gonna make sure that you leave this video, knowing exactly how to take your hairstyle to the next level. The truth is there’s a few hairstyle rules that every man should follow and we’re gonna go over those right now, by the way on this channel we don’t just talk about men’S, hair, but also men’s, fashion, grooming, fitness and much more.

I know the first hairstyle rule that we’re going to go over here is that your hairstyle should not look like a sculpture-like an art piece.

Your hair can’t look all dull all the time you know like a rock. It needs to have some bounce some movement, some life. I see way too many guys going overboard with the amount of product they use in their hair and all of a sudden it’s.

Really stiff, it looks like you put super glue in it. I don’t, know what you put in there, but it needs to move by the way guys. This is even true if you’re going for a cliff, for example. Yes, you want it to have some volume you want it to have hold, but at the same time, if you run your fingers through your hair, it needs to move so experiment with different hair products, different hairstyles until you find something that works for you and your Hair tip number two take care of your sideburns.

You know this is something that i notice a lot right, guys have a really cool hairstyle, and then you look at their sideburn and it’s all messed up. It’s kind of like blending into the beard, but not really it just looks out of place.

You have to make sure that your sideburns are. Even you have to make sure that your sideburns aren’t growing, really wild and covering your ears, and if you have a fade, you have to make sure that it fades in perfectly or that it blends in with your beard nice.

Now, as you guys can see, my hair is getting really long and kind of out of control. I’m going through that awkward stage right now, because i’m growing out my hair and my sideburns are no different. It’s, really tough to make sure they stay in place, so i apply a little bit of product and just push it down like that and it stays in place for most of the day.

So, if quarantine has you growing out your hair? Like me, then make sure to apply a little bit of product and just shape it properly. Not even brad pitt can look good with crazy sideburns. Well, actually i don’t know how, but he still looks kinda good freaking, brad pitt man.

Hairstyle rule number three: don’t, wash your hair with shampoo that has sulfates or parabens and don’t freak out. When you see it because it’s, probably gonna be in your shampoo ingredients list, but it’s.

Okay, just switch it over to a sulfate impairment. Free shampoo and your hair will immediately feel and look a lot. Nicer. Sulfates is actually really bad for your hair. Yes, it helps in the cleaning of your hair and pulling out all of the oil, but it might also cause hair loss, hair, thinning and so on and so forth.

You don’t want to mess with that in parabens can cause allergic reactions can cause some skin conditions that you do not want, which is why we developed the forte series, shampoo and conditioner, because they are sulfate and paraben free.

They have high-end ingredients and they will make your hair look and feel incredible. The clarifying shampoo is filled with amazing ingredients. We’re, talking apple cider, vinegar, aloe vera, peppermint oil and shea butter.

That’s, going to nourish your scalp, while providing an amazing cleanse. You know to get rid of all those products we’ve been using and the forte series hydrating conditioner man. This feels insane it’s like a hair mask it really.

Is it’s, a really dense, luxurious formula that works from the roots to your ends, adding hydration all with a refreshing peppermint scent? And yes, both of those are 100 sulfates and parabens free by the way, guys pro tip for conditioners whether you use the forte series one or a different one.

Leave it into your hair. Alright apply it onto your hair and leave it in there for about a minute or two. While you take your shower, that’s, going to really help detangle, your hair tip number four pre-stylers work like magic.

I’m telling you, if you haven’t used a pre-styler, yet once you use it, it’s, going to be like a light, bulb-like what i can get this much extra hold just by using a pre-styler. Now a pre-styler doesn’t have to be labeled pre-styler.

It just needs to be a light cream or a paste, and you can apply to your wet hair before you blow dry and then blow dry it with the product in your hair and the main benefit of using a pre-styler is that it’s.

Actually going to give your hair shape volume and hold before you apply your hair styling product in the end, so as soon as you’re done blow drying, your hair is already going to look amazing and then, when you apply your finishing product, it’s, going to look even better and the forte series molding paste is not just an amazing finishing product.

It’s, also a great pre-styler. So i’ll. Leave it linked in the description below for you guys. Hairstyle rule number five, and this is more of a big big big suggestion for you all right schedule, your haircuts better.

Now, what does that mean? Well, if you have an event coming up, if you have a birthday coming up a wedding, anything like that then schedule your haircut for about two to three days before this has happened to me way too many times right.

I have an event coming up and i’m. Like oh cool, i’ll, just schedule a haircut for a couple days before and then i forget and then my event is in three days and now i’m scrambling to find a time to cut my hair and then i don’t cut my hair and all of a sudden, it looks like crap.

Well, i haven’t really cut my hair in like six months, but you know what i mean back when i had shorter hair. So don’t be like me and schedule it ahead of time. You know schedule that haircut talk to your barber, hey.

I have an event on this day. When can you cut my hair right before like the week before? It needs to be fresh? So, look at your schedule. Do you have an interview coming up? Do you have a birthday, a wedding, anything important that you need to look good, for maybe an important date make sure to book your haircut for a couple of days before next hairstyle rule make sure to always check for dandruff.

If you’re wearing black, for example, right and you see that you have some flakes on your shoulders, that is bad bad news, guys. That means that your scalp is really dry, that you have dry skin, that you have dandruff and we need to take care of it and don’t be alarmed.

It’s, definitely common. I get dandruff all the time, especially when i travel and i’ll, tell you what has helped me right. These are flakes. This is dead skin, that’s, falling off your scalp. It’s kind of gross.

If you think about it, but it’s, not a disease. It just means that your scalp is really dry well. This is what you need to do: drink tons of water every time i travel i drink so much water, because, for whatever reason, when i’m in the plane for a long time, i get dandruff, so i drink a ton of water.

I make sure to stay. Hydrated improve your diet. Your diet is a huge part of your body right so make sure that you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet. Add some argan oil to your hair, styling routine.

I use the forte series argan oil and man, your hair. I’m telling you it’s, going to feel so good after you use it, and it’s going to clear up your dandruff. Not only that, but it also smells amazing everyone that has gotten their hands on the forte series.

Argan oil. They’re. All saying the same thing: it smells incredible. Hairstyle rule number, six, no hairy back of the necks that still counts as your hairstyle. It’s kind of like your sideburns, and it looks really bad if you forget it next time, you go to the barber, make sure that you ask your barber to shave the back of your neck here right.

They use a little machine. Sometimes they use a straight razor or sometimes just a normal razor, but so many dudes forget about the back of their neck and you look at them and they have somewhat fresh haircut, but it’s literally connecting from their necks all the way down To their back that doesn’t look good at all.

I’m telling you guys from personal experience all right. I’ve heard so many girls say. Oh look at the back of that. Guy’s neck! That’s, disgusting, no joke that’s, what they say after i heard that being a hairy man myself, i was like all right.

I got ta make sure to always clean that up, so i use a mirror and i always try to clean up the back of my neck. Obviously my hair is super long now, so it’s a little bit different. But when i had a fade every three days guys every three days, i would just shave it to make sure that it looks good to make sure that it looks fresh and clean guys make sure you’re following all seven of these hairstyle rules.