7 EASY Ways To Improve Your Appearance

Today i’m here. To help you look your best without having to over complicate things all right. I have a list of seven ways for you to improve your appearance and look as handsome as possible and trust me.

If you do these seven things, you immediately look better more attractive, more confident and, of course, more stylish. So let’s get started. The first thing you need to make sure you’re. Doing is getting your pants tailored don’t, be that guy with super baggy and long jeans that barely fit you that’s sloppy and not the look that we’re going for.

The best thing is, though, there’s, no need to get rid of your old pants just because they don’t fit you anymore. Instead just bring them to the tailor and spend like 10 to 15 bucks to get them to fit.

You perfectly especially if they’re nice pants. Why would you throw them away having those perfectly tailored pants is gonna make the biggest difference when it comes to your style? A lot of people ask me: what is the quickest way to improve my style, and this is it guys those new tailored jeans will make you look slimmer, taller and more stylish overall next shape your facial hair to create a more defined jaw.

A defined jawline makes you look manlier and makes you look stronger, but a lot of dudes ask me alex: what do i do if i don’t have a strong jaw? How can i make it seem like i do you don’t actually need to have a strong jaw you can make it seem like you do, by manipulating the shape of your facial hair.

Your beard is going to hide most of your jawline, so you can groom your beard to make your jaw look sharper. The trick here is to have these sharp lines and the edges right here to shape your jaw. Now, if you’re a subscriber of the channel, then you know that i shaved my beard last week.

IMy face looked way more round, my cheeks were bigger and my jaw lost some of its shade and i have a pretty strong natural jaw. So for someone who doesn’t, this will make an even bigger difference.

I definitely recommend you have a light stubble if you can grow facial hair next up, develop a steady skin care, routine notice. How i said steady, you can’t just wash your face once a week. It needs to become part of your daily routine.

I don’t care. How good looking you are. If you have bad skin acne pimples, you’re, not going to look great anymore. You need to work on that. To look your best and our sponsor tiege hanley has the perfect skincare system for you guys who are tired of having bad skin and not looking your best start using tiege and people will notice.

The texture of your skin will change. These little wrinkles will start to fade the pimples and the acne that will become clear in smooth skin. Look. If you’re, not taking your skin seriously, then you probably have pimples and blackheads and point blank.

They don’t, look good. Nobody wants to have bad skin, so why not just fix it. Tiege makes it really easy with different levels of care, for example the skincare system level. One gives you all the basic face: wash an exfoliating scrub and an am and pm moisturizer all of these high quality products for an amazing price.

If you want even better results, then you can go for level 2, which includes the eye cream as well. Then level 3, which has all of that plus the super serum they make it so easy, unlike other skin care systems, that over complicate things and you can’t keep track of them.

Men just want things to be easy, and tiege is easy. You know looking back now, if i had great skin back in the day, my confidence levels would have been completely different. I wouldn’t have felt like i was ugly because of my skin.

I wouldn’t, be embarrassed of my pimples. I didn’t even feel like myself, when i had bad skin so take control of your skin. Now, stop waking up and going great got another pimple right here. Not today, man, i have a date tonight.

Number four clean up the back of your neck here: okay, don’t, let it be all hair you guys come on. If all you can see is hair from here all the way down to your shirt, then there’s, something wrong! All right you got ta take care of that.

You’re, not a caveman. It’s time to clean it up, go to the bathroom grab a handheld mirror and you can see the back of your neck. If you just stand in front of a mirror, if there’s, a mirror behind you and then you can just shave, it off make sure that it’s clean and that you don’t, look like a caveman, and There’s, also specific grooming tools that you can shave the back of your neck with and even your back width on your own.

Without anyone’s, help next on the list, wear darker colors to look slimmer, look darker, colors really help hide your shape and if you’re feeling a little overweight. If you found those quarantine pounds that everyone’s been talking about, then it’s, a perfect time to go with something a little bit darker plus you’re gonna look like a badass anyway.

If you’re wearing all black, so why not give it a try? I would suggest outfits that are black navy and dark brown guys if you haven’t, yet you need to find your signature fragrance. Alright, it is so important to have a fragrance that you like to have a fragrance that you gravitate towards.

You have a fragrance that once you spray that thing on you’re like man, I am confident I am ready. I smell good. I look good, let’s, get it and it doesn’t have to be anything expensive. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or from a brand name.

It just needs to be something that smells great for you. If you’re, not sure what colognes to get, i have so many videos on best men’s, colognes that you can get for each season, so we have some for the summer right now.

We all know that looking good physically visibly is great, but also your personality will definitely change the way that others look at you.

So what i’m gonna tell you is don’t, be overly aggressive. Don’t, be too loud. Don’t, be obnoxious, guys being the loudest guy in the room is not attractive. Guys only do that when they want attention, you have to find the right middle ground between being too loud, being obnoxious and being invisible.

We don’t want any of those. We want something in between where you’re, not invisible. Your people look at you and people. Remember you, but you’re, also not being crazy. Obnoxious, because that’s. Annoying cool, calm and collected think james bond.

All right, you’re gonna look so much hotter than all those guys who are trying so hard to get attention. They’re, always making a scene, and you’re gonna be playing it cool. That’s way more likable, and i prefer that personality a hundred times over guys check out teach hanley.