These Are America’s 50 Greatest Dishes, Ranked

Fry up some bacon with a side of tasty grits and get ready, because we’re about to dive into what makes American cuisine so special. We’ve compiled a definitive ranking of the 19 best foods in the United States, and saved the best for the very end!

For your sake, we urge you not to read this article on an empty stomach, because it’ll be growling for these tasty delicacies the whole time. Will your favorite dish make the top ten? Read on to find out…

19. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies became such a popular baked good in America that cookie dough became a nationally known ice cream flavor. This is one dessert that is made across continents all over the world, and America does it best.

When you’re a kid visiting Grandma’s house, is there a smell more coveted than the wonderful aroma of chocolate chip cookies? We think not. This is more than a smell of chocolatey sweetness. This is the smell of love, happiness, and comfort.

19. Chocolate Chip Cookies


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